As son of a Moroccan Guitar & Darbuka Musician and a Tunisian mother, ATIF was destined to be an entertainer. Heavily inspired by the King of Pop he starting the now infamous ‘BoomBoomRoom DJ nights’ at high school and also learned to produce music at an early age.

Blessed with, and motivated by the birth of his daughter Thalissa ATIF pursued glory and fame through various Talent Contests, and made it to the Semi Finals in the TV Show ‘Holland Got Talent’ together with Stefan Trommelen as musical duo A-tif & Suggest. Their energy and stage presence earned them a contract with SONY Music.

Due to personal reasons ATIF has been away from the music industry for a couple of years but since 2018 his beats, productions and full tracks are back in the game.

With a few guest appearances alongside rapper aCtive, ATIF is now stepping out of the shadows and back into the creative zone where he belongs.



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